hi* – (*yep all lower case and meek AF as she shuffles red faced back onto her own blog two years later) Anyone there? Nobody? Can’t say I blame you. It’s been, let’s be kind here, a while. This, and the, world is an entirely different one in the few short years its been since […]


Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years, you’d like to, I don’t know like even care or remember me/anything at all about this house/blog/human? To be fair, I get that it has been, ahem a “while” since we last spoke. In fact I am reliably informed that it is now 2016. […]

Wise man Donald Rumsfeld. Republican which obviously isn’t great and a bit of a sexist pig by all accounts but this known unknowns stuff? Wise words indeed. The thing with this apparent older and wiser lark is that the only real gem you can possible glean as you lurch through the decades, is that we […]

So when did we all turn into mini Dalai Lamas? A cursory condescending sweep of the social media landscape (sorry for that phrase,I have just been doing a few hours of work so am still trying to shake off the corporate speak snake tongue), reveals that at some point over the last few years, it would […]

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, said hmm, I’m not sure but definitely someone vaguely impressive followed by, let’s face it nearly all of us at some stage during a bad powerpoint presentation that we’d all rather forget. Still, there is definitely a little nugget of wise-owl-ness in there somewhere that made me wish my […]

One of my most favourite but most useless past times, (as in ways to pass the time as opposed to my actual real past times like fake pilates and serial zoo visiting), is spotting and identifying places in Dublin when they pop up on the telly. Talkabout / catchphrase style, the winner has to shout […]

So let’s just recap where we are: the house remains in its full Halloween House of Horror glory, it is at least a year off being done, we have to save every single penny we can find from down the back of the sofa, and also even the ones I leave in pockets that block […]

I’m not a massive fan of the phrase “your other half”, but in the case of me and he, its actually pretty on the money. While we’re not quite Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese, we’re definitely very different. He is cut from a far mellower and chilled out cloth than my inner overachiever would like […]

I think it was Yves San Laurent who said that Fashion fades but style is eternal. One of the things that has been freaking me out slightly about the house is how we do make it nice enough now so that we like it in ten/twenty years time as well as straight away. Style wise, […]

One of the many, many, let me say again for emphasis, many, bad jobs I had in college was doing promotions. This was “the” gig of the early 90’s. Apparently all you had to do was put on an oversize tshirt, flick your hair a lot, and sneer at the locals like a scene from […]