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If the walls could talk

“God gave us memories that we might have roses in December. ”  J.M. Barrie, Courage It was the suitcase that really got me. It’s weird but I felt like I could tell a lot about Martin Carter from that little brown leather case. Neatly but sparsely packed, just a few modest personal items, no frills. […]

Fake it till you make it

Deal done, there then followed the rather annoying business of having to complete all the formalities and general annoying stuff that go hand in hand with buying a house: solicitor, surveyors, and oh yes, actually paying for it: Ever the optimists and champions of the Winging It school of life, we had agreed the sale […]

A View with a Room

I have found that with most decisions in life, well the biggies anyway, you can usually trace them back to one singular turning point or moment when your mind was suddenly made up and you were no longer for turning. This can be easily remembered for many in the “I knew I was falling in […]

All Aboard the Marie Celeste

Around this time, Alice started coming home from creche with an ever growing vocabulary of funny little words and phrases. Daraghs and my favourite was the very random but oft repeated “All Aboard, Choo Choo”. This soon become the mantra/slogan/calling card of our little family. You would be suprised by how many situations you can […]

Take me back to the start

When the book The Secret came out all those years ago now, I was one of the first to snort at the whole notion: I definitely sniggered at poor ol crazy Noel Edmonds with his wierdy little secret clouds on his wrists and his fellow army of Secret followers who believed that apparently the universe […]